Cbx750 Cbx750

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2:06 AM

Yamaha XT 600E Yamaha XT 600E

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1:59 AM

BMW R100 Classic BMW R100 Classic

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12:43 AM

Yamaha XJR 1300: Yamaha XJR 1300:

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12:33 AM

Merry Christmas all Merry Christmas all

To all my loyal readers, if I have any left after such a period of inactivity, I wish a very happy Christmas. May you get everything you wan...

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11:27 PM

Comment policy Comment policy

Regular readers, both of you, may remember that a while ago I turned on word verification for commen...

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6:13 AM

Fleet update Fleet update

For those who are interested ... I had to move everything about yesterday to clear leaves and stuff ...

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1:00 PM